Dr. Thesaurus and the Dino-Mytes!

Searching for the remains of a T-Rex that was last spotted in this area millions of years ago, Dr. Thesaurus recruits and trains the kids to be Dino-Mytes. Through games and activities, the Dino-Mytes learn what it takes to find the fossils of a T-Rex.  Working as a group, the kids put the dinosaur back together and take a group photo next to their creation. 

Dr. Thesaurus gets to your party location roughly 15-20 minutes before their start time to hide the six pieces of the T-Rex. It is recommended that the pieces are hidden where the kids can’t see. After Dino-themed games and activities, Dr. Thesaurus leads them to the location where the kids search for the pieces and help each other put the T-Rex back together.

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