Puppet Shows

45 Minute Puppet Show
Also includes a short Comedy Magic Show

60 Minute Deluxe Puppet Show
Includes a Deluxe Comedy Magic Show!

Fun for toddlers and grade-school kids
Please call or email for current rates

LEGO Building Program

60 Minute Program

This STEM program is super-fun! We bring 10,000 LEGO & Duplo to help kids build whatever is on their creative minds. In addition, we provide customized tables and racing ramp. Fun for up to 50 kids, age 3+

Please call or email for current rates

Workshop of Imagination

60 Minute Deluxe Workshop

Build-A-Story with Puppet Arts & Crafts! After learning about story structure, kids use their imagination to create a puppet character, then act out a story in our puppet theater. We supply all materials. BONUS: Can be themed for different events (Halloween, Christmas, Superheroes, Star Wars, etc.)

Please call or email for current rates

Trials of the Jedi

60 Minute Program

Two characters come to train children in the ways of the Force with games and magic.

Please call or email for current rates


1 Hour Face-Painter $185

Need face-painting for a special event at your library? We have face-painters available

Balloon Twister

1 Hour Balloon Artist $185

Just need balloons for your event? We have balloon artists able to do quick, simple balloon swords and animals to keep kids happy

Teen & Adult Programs

Harry Potter and the Tri-Trivia Tournament

1 Hour Program

You have been summoned to Hogwarts where the Tri-Trivia Tournament is about to begin. The Sorting Hat puts you in your House teams, and each House competes in 3 group challenges that will test your knowledge.
Please call or email for current rates

Star Wars: Jedi Academy Challenge Games

1 Hour Program

The Jedi and Sith are battling for the final galactic victory! Each side must work together to outsmart and defeat the other in trivia and team-building.
Please call or email for current rates