Puppet Shows

45 Minute Puppet Show $295
Also includes a short Comedy Magic Show

60 Minute Deluxe Puppet Show $350
Includes a Deluxe Comedy Magic Show and a live bunny!

Fun for toddlers and grade-school kids

LEGO Building Program

60 Minute Program $300
$55 for each additional half hour

This STEM program is super-fun! We bring 10,000 LEGO & Duplo to help kids build whatever is on their creative minds. In addition, we provide large play-mats and customized racing ramps. Fun for up to 50 kids, age 3+

Workshop of Imagination

60 Minute Deluxe Workshop $255

Build-A-Story with Puppet Arts & Crafts! After learning about story structure, kids use their imagination to create a puppet character, then act out a story in our puppet theater. We supply all materials. BONUS: Can be themed for different events (Halloween, Christmas, Superheroes, Star Wars, etc.)

Trials of the Jedi

60 Minute Training Academy with 2 Characters $350
$100 for each additional half hour

Two characters come to train children in the ways of the Force with games and magic.


1 Hour Face-Painter $185

Need face-painting for a special event at your library? We have face-painters available

Balloon Twister

1 Hour Balloon Artist $185

Just need balloons for your event? We have balloon artists able to do quick, simple balloon swords and animals to keep kids happy

Teen & Adult Programs

Harry Potter and the Tri-Trivia Tournament

1 Hour Program $250

You have been summoned to Hogwarts where the Tri-Trivia Tournament is about to begin. The Sorting Hat puts you in your House teams, and each House competes in 3 group challenges that will test your knowledge.

Star Wars: Jedi Academy Challenge Games

1 Hour Program $250

The Jedi and Sith are battling for the final galactic victory! Each side must work together to outsmart and defeat the other in trivia and team-building.