The Birthday Bandit

Yay, it’s (fill in child’s name here) birthday! However, a plot to steal the birthday child’s cake is underway. As the Bandit tries again and again to sneak into the party, the various animals and kids in the audience help foil his plan. However if he stops trying to get the cake all for himself, the others will share with him. The Bandit learns a valuable lesson. 

Library Bandit Puppet Show

Davy is excited to check out his favorite books from the library! But suddenly they are stolen by the bumbling Library Bandit who always wants what everyone else has. Now Davy is sad since he won’t get to read his stories. But, his many puppet friends and the kids in the audience lead him into fun and silly adventures where he comes face to face with the Bandit. The kids convince him what he did was wrong and if he makes the right decision they can all be friends. It’s an interactive bonanza of fun with learning moments for kids and families!

Monster Mash: A Halloween Show

“From this day forward we will only celebrate Halloween ah, ah, ah (insert Dracula laugh)!”

Oh no, the Count has stolen every holiday and birthday and replaced it with Halloween. Will he get away with this? Not if the kids in the audience have anything to say (and they always do)!

This Halloween Puppet Show includes lots of audience participation, comedy and SPOOKTACULAR fun!

The Jingles Holiday Puppet Show

Jingles just bought a present for his mom and is so excited to give it to her. But the Grinch wants to steal the present and turn the holiday into GrinchMas! Now the kids in the audience have to help Jingles get it back and teach the Grinch about the meaning of giving and sharing.

Ahoy Matey

Petey the Parrot has just discovered that his late-great uncle has left him a great treasure that he must find before the mean Captain Funny-Face. If he finds this it will mean riches beyond his wildest dreams. However, the greedy Captain learns of Petey’s treasure and races off to find the treasure first.

Will Petey find many adventures on his way to the treasure? Will Captain Pirate fall victim to many slapstick obstacles? Will this show meet and exceed your expectations. The answers are: YES. 

Who Framed the Big Bad Wolf?

What a mess! Someone just blew down the three little pigs house again. Who could’ve dunnit? All fingers point to the big bad wolf but he claims he’s innocent. It’s going to take Inspector Snoop and the help from the kids in the audience to solve this case!

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